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D-Mannose with cranberry, hibiscus & dandelion

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D-Mannose with cranberry, hibiscus & dandelion is a product specially developed to reduce symptoms of urinary tract infections. It contains 1000 mg of the highest quality D-Mannose per daily dose.

  • Unique formula with D-Mannose, cranberry, hibiscus flower and dandelion root for urinary tract infection
  • 1000 mg D-Mannose per daily dose
  • Proven formula for UTI
  • Tested free of pesticides, heavy metals, E.coli, salmonella, yeast and fungi
  • Free from magnesium stearate
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D-Mannose with cranberry, hibiscus & dandelion

D-Mannose with cranberry, hibiscus & dandelion is a unique formula specially developed to reduce symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTI). D-Mannose is the active ingredient in cranberry juice known for reducing urinary tract infections. D-Mannose is also found in small amounts in berries, peaches and apples.

D-mannose is a monosaccharide that is approximately a hundred times less abundant than glucose in human blood. D-Mannose will not cause liver problems like high amounts of added fructose will do. The body absorbs D-Mannose slower than it absorbs glucose and very small amounts of D-Mannose are metabolized so the effect on blood sugar is small. D-Mannose is not converted to glycogen. The majority of the D-Mannose is filtered in the kidneys and passes through the urinary tract out of the body. In the urinary tract, the D-mannose binds to and carries the E.coli bacteria with the urine out of the body. E. coli bacteria cause 90 percent of UTIs. E.coli latch on to cells where they grow, and cause infection.


Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins which is also found in green tea, grapes, apples and chocolate. The proanthocyanidins found in cranberries are type A while other foods have type B. Only type A has been shown to inhibit bacteria binding to the mucous membrane in the urethra.


Hibiscus of the species Hibiscus Sabdariffa, which is found in this unique formula, has been shown in studies to be antibacterial. Hibiscus Sabdariffa also has antioxidant properties. Research shows that Hibiscus of the species Hibiscus Sabdariffa has a potential beneficial effect on urinary tract infections.


Dandelion is diuretic and research shows that dandelion extract is effective against bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (E.Coli) and Klebsiella pneumoniae and also other gram-negative bacteria.

The D-Mannose with cranberry, hibiscus & dandelion formula

We have not found a better formula for urinary tract infections. D-Mannose with cranberry, hibiscus & dandelion has also been tested by two different independent laboratories without any remarks regarding pesticides, several heavy metals, bacteria, yeast and fungi. The product is also free of magnesium stearate.

References & scientific studies.

Contact us at info@greatlife.eu for a free urinary tract infection (UTI) protocol. Our protocols are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Amount per serving   % of NRV 
D-Mannose 1000 mg *
Cranberry juice, powder (Vaccinium macrocarpon) 150 mg *
Hibiscus flower, extract (Hibiscus sabdariffa) 100 mg *
Dandelion root, extract (Taraxacum officinale) 100 mg *

NRV = Nutrient Reference Value
*NRV not established

Other ingredients

Vegetarian capsule (cellulose).

Suggested use

Acute: 2 capsules per day with 2,5 dl water 30 minutes before a meal. If you find it difficult to swallow the capsule, it can be opened, and its content can be sprinkled into water that should be consumed immediately.

Maintenance dose: 2 capsules with 2.5 dl of water 30 minutes before a meal 2–3 times per week.

Advisory information

Do not exceed suggested dosage. Keep out of the reach of children. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place. Do not expose food supplements to direct sunlight, heat or humidity. Manufactured in the U.S. If pregnant or nursing please consult your healthcare practitioner.

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